For BI leads, editors, visualisation coders and designers, UX/UI developers, CX analysts, business analysts, journalists, communication specialists, data scientists, and anyone who communicates a message through data in presentations, graphics, charts or articles.

Learn how companies and studios of all kinds are creating more effective visuals and dashboards for communicating data, enabling busiess decisions, and driving behavioural change. Talks discuss colour theory, design principles, storytelling and narrative design, dashboard creation, user testing and feedback, customer journey mapping, and the visualisation of different kinds of data - networks/relationships, geospatial, statistical and more.

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  • Design and Principles in Exploratory Data Visualisation

    For this talk, I will focus on the design principles and guidelines when developing a dashboard for business to better align with the visual Information-Seeking mantra, namely ‘overview first, zoom and filter, detail on demand’. A few of the theoretical studies will be discussed to avoid some maj...

  • Effective Data Presentation in PowerPoint

    Clever Ways to Present Data Effectively in PowerPoint

    Data presentation tips and tricks, and learn how to properly dissect data and visualise charts and tables, to to create clean and effective data presentation in PowerPoint.

  • Beyond Colour Myths: Functional Aesthetics for Better Design

    How much does colour affect our understanding of dashboards? We know bad choices in palettes can definitely break a good dashboard. Join Bridget to learn about avoiding poor colour choice, and how to use function aesthetics to enhance your visualisations.

  • Visual Design Principles for Data Visualisation

    The cognitive processes that underpin how we interpret visual input play a significant role in what makes a design ‘good’. This session will explore these principles and translate them into a set of guidelines for creating and improving data visualisation designs.

  • Emotional DataViz: How to Communicate Data to Change Minds

    How do we connect humans and data about humans? In a world of abundant data about events, about changes in our social and physical environment, making sense of the noise, annotating the chaos is a fundamental communication task.

    Data-driven visual storytelling is a powerful way to affect people’...

  • User-Centred Design for More Useful Visuals and Dashboards

    Emma Cosh - Graceful Robot

    Many organisations struggle to engage users successfully with available insight. This session will provide some practical tips on how to improve this.

    This session will cover:
    - The steps in user experience design
    - Building empathy with users
    - Discoverability and fl...

  • Information-Experience Design to Better Inform your Audience

    Engage and inform your audience with immersive and memorable deisgn experiences

    Through a series of case study across the industry and the academic research, the talk will show the results of six-years long research across information, design, and experience design, to design projects that infor...

  • Teaching Tekken’s Game Mechanics Through Data Visualization (Jayne Zhang)

    A huge problem industry professionals have is that we are often followed by peers, not by people who would want to hire us for our work. This becomes problematic because our work isn’t targeted at people in our industry, it’s often targeted at people outside of it.

    This project aimed to visualis...