DataVizLive - Event Recordings

2 Seasons

  • User Testing for DataViz: Challenge, Impact and Good Practice (Caroline Goulard)

    Episode 1

    User testing is recognised as a useful dimension of User Experience design. In the field of data visualisation, user testing can be a tricky but necessary challenge, as it involves testing new forms of interaction and communication. In this session, recorded live in London, Caroline Goulard of Da...

  • Communicating Analytical Insights to a Non-Technical Audience

    Episode 2

    High level presentation for non-experts and/or Leaders who want to understand why data vis is important for communication and how they can improve this at their organisations.

    The Bank of England wanted to update and improve the effectiveness of it's analytical communication. But the charts used...

  • Google Data Studio: Building Patchwork Dashboards

    Episode 3

    Setting up a data practice in a newsroom is not straightforward, you are surrounded by some of the most numerically sophisticated journalists in the world; journalists are quizzical by nature and want to understand the full story before they can put any skepticism to one side. So, first we needed...

  • Data & Information Design-as-a-Service

    Episode 4

    In our changing world, the need for reliable information to make solid decisions has never been more important than now. Our customers need much more than a data provider, they need a partner that can generate relevant and accurate information to turn it into actionable truths.

    We will explain h...

  • A Practical Guide to Balancing Data Socialisation and Data Governance

    Episode 5

    Helen Himmelman (RS Components)

    RS is part of Electrocomponents Group:
    • 6,600 employees globally
    • 32 countries globally (Allied in USA)
    • 1 million+ customers

    • Domo in it’s infancy (~800 users) – want to scale
    • Organic growth  different skill levels, processes, etc.
    • Silos  D...

  • Enabling the Analysts: From Apprentices to Artisans at Groupon

    Episode 6

    Suitable for leaders within BI/Data Analyst departments in organisations, as well as analysts.

    Within large organisations, typically analysts lack the opportunities to be more involved in their projects, losing out on the opportunity to grow within an organisation by providing more visually enga...

  • Solving Some of the World's Biggest Challenges with AI and Visualisation

    Episode 7

    For: Any organisation that has unstructured data (images, media, documents) and wants a completely new way of understanding trends using a combination of AI and powerful visualisation.

    Whilst developing analysis methods to understand cancer images we developed a new way to understand trends in u...

  • Design and Principles in Exploratory Data Visualisation

    Episode 8

    For this talk, I will focus on the design principles and guidelines when developing a dashboard for business to better align with the visual Information-Seeking mantra, namely ‘overview first, zoom and filter, detail on demand’. A few of the theoretical studies will be discussed to avoid some maj...

  • Information-Experience Design to Better Inform your Audience

    Episode 9

    Engage and inform your audience with immersive and memorable deisgn experiences

    Through a series of case study across the industry and the academic research, the talk will show the results of six-years long research across information, design, and experience design, to design projects that infor...

  • User-Centred Design for More Useful Visuals and Dashboards

    Episode 10

    Emma Cosh - Graceful Robot

    Many organisations struggle to engage users successfully with available insight. This session will provide some practical tips on how to improve this.

    This session will cover:
    - The steps in user experience design
    - Building empathy with users
    - Discoverability and fl...

  • Tools in Space: A Journey through the Visualisation Toolscape

    Episode 11

    Data visualisation tools grow in number, spectrum and sophistication. This talk aims at providing a brief overview of the space from low level programming languages to high level click and show tools.

    - The tool space
    - Programming languages
    - Online Templates
    - Vector tools
    - Special mentions


  • Emotional DataViz: How to Communicate Data to Change Minds

    Episode 12

    How do we connect humans and data about humans? In a world of abundant data about events, about changes in our social and physical environment, making sense of the noise, annotating the chaos is a fundamental communication task.

    Data-driven visual storytelling is a powerful way to affect people’...

  • Designing a More Transparent & Literate Data Ecosystem

    Episode 13

    Data Literacy levels in society and business are holding back the benefist of a data driven business ecosystem with levels of distrust amongst the public being another key issue to resolve.
    As part of a commitment to transparency, Experian are working to educate people on how we use their data an...