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Watch this video and more on DataVizLive On Demand

Visualising Organisational Networks


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    An overview of what's possible, and advice on getting started with this free reporting and data visualisation tool.

  • Exploring Open-Source and Commercial ...

    Data visualisation tools grow in number, spectrum and sophistication. This talk aims at providing a brief overview of the space from low level programming languages to high level click and show tools.

    Key topics:

    The tool space
    - Programming languages
    - Online Templates
    - Vector tools
    - Special...

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    Joshua Smith - Analytics Manager, CoverMyMeds

    We call a lot of DataViz work "stories", but let's be honest - most of the time, DataViz audiences don't walk away from our work as moved as after a trip to the movies. What are we missing? How do stories compliment data to help our users understand ...